MEMBERS of an all-inclusive sports team will carry a fridge along a running course to raise funds to send players to a tournament.

Worcester Mixed Ability Rugby (WMAR) is open to players of all physical abilities and learning difficulties and wants to send a squad to play in a tournament.

The team is the highest ranked team of its type in the UK.

Tom Reeves, coach for WMAG, said: “People will look at a rugby team and think they should be able to run a 10k race, no problems so we wanted a challenge that looked ridiculous."

“We have a goal - to represent our home town on the world stage.

“To play in the International Mixed Ability Rugby Tournament (IMART) in Ireland would be a dream for most of us, so we’ll do whatever we have to, to raise the money to get us there.

"We start new people off non-contact, building basis skills, building confidence and then it's up to them how they want to move forward if they want to move into full-contact play or not.

"Its fascinating watching how they all care for each other and players open up to each other about their struggles, such as mental health where men are not always open about how they're feeling.

"We train all year and this keeps the team close."

On Sunday September 15, a team of 13 will carry the fridge around the Worcester 10k course.

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Around £15,000 is the target amount to send a squad of 30 to take part.

The club trains on Tuesdays between 6-7pm at Worcester Rugby Football Club, Offerton Lane.

They are looking for new members over the age of 16.

Contact them on:

There is a fund-raising page at: