A DRUNK homeless man shouted abuse at families and children.

Shelby Brennan, 20, who lives at St Paul's Hostel, Worcester, was seen outside the Home Bargains store in Tallow Hill shouting abuse at passers by.

Magistrates in Worcester heard how Brennan, who appeared in court on August 29, had drinking after his grandmother was taken to hospital before the incident and had got drunk before shouting at the passers by.

Sara Clewer, prosecuting, said: “At 7pm on August 12 this year, police were called to Home Bargains on Tallow Hill.

“There, officers saw a male who was swearing - he was told not to as the store was still open and he was making threats such as threatening to break the officer’s jaw.”

He then shouted foul-mouthed abuse at a family before being taken to the floor by officers before he finally calmed down.

Representing himself, Brennan said: “I am sorry. I had a relapse because of a family issue which came up and it was the drink talking.”

Brennan’s support worker from St Paul’s Hostel read out a statement on behalf of Jonathan Sutton, CEO of the hostel.

The statement read: “On the day in question he had been assaulted at the hostel and removed himself, so he was in an agitated state at the time.

“St Paul’s mission is to help people through homelessness and it is important to understand this is not a plea or request for leniency, we want to help.

“He left the hostel last year before returning as his first stay was difficult and very dysfunctional.

“His second stay has been much more successful, and he is working to address his debts, he has already registered with a GP.

“He is also maintaining his room to a reasonable standard as well as entering Swanswell, which he has an appointment for next week."

Magistrates handed Brennan a conditional discharge for the next six months.

Chair of the bench, Judy Hulland said: "We have a lot of sympathy but you have got to sort it out.

"It is important that you go to that meeting at Swanswell and get help to turn your life around.

"The people there are trying to help you.

"May I remind you that you are already subject to a community order so if you are brought back here again for breaching it, there will be trouble."

Brennan was ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge, and ordered to repay his outstanding court debt of £685.

Brennan already has four previous convictions for 10 offences, the last of which was in July this year.