BEING at the “Stop the Coup” rally in Worcester on Saturday, it was interesting to see how representatives of different political parties came together to support their cause and, for a Remainer like me, I wonder why they didn’t do it years ago.

For the last three years the country has been paralysed, with no coherent opposition to a government seemingly hell-bent on taking us out of the European Union without a deal.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour were too busy arguing amongst themselves to have a coherent Brexit position, were they pro-Brexit or anti-Brexit? Does anyone really know?

The Lib Dems were too stubborn in refusing to go into any kind of voting pact with the Labour Party, meaning that the remain vote was split.

It seems though, that now the parties opposed to Brexit are finally deciding to put aside their party rivalries and come together to try and stop the Prime Minster’s plans.

My question though is: Is it too late?

As we hurtle towards the end of October Brexit deadline, I am more and more convinced that we will leave without a deal.

The government appear intent on it, and those opposed to no-deal have no real time to formulate a plan to stop it, given the suspension of parliament.

In that case, we will almost certainly leave without a deal, and at least then we will know, one way or another, exactly what it means.

As I said in my previous Fair Point about the state of British politics, I really hope I am wrong, and that those punting the no-deal argument really do know what is best. Somehow I doubt it.

For me, the choice on who to believe really comes down to the voices on either side, as it did in the referendum in 2016.

If Dominic Cummings, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg are piloting the ship, I don’t really want to go where it is going.

I thought, as many others did, that seeing this band of demagogues and rogues would put off the electorate, but it seems they are still succeeding at convincing vast swathes of the public that they are on some kind of anti-establishment crusade, in it for the working man and the good of the country.

For Brexiters worried about some dastardly Remainer plot to stop Brexit, there won’t be, you will get your way. But be careful what you wish for.