A PUBLICAN has organised what he hopes to be the largest gathering of people called Nigel.

Nigel Smith, 56, discovered that no new-born babies in the country were given that name, according to a government report he read.

He wants the name to be celebrated and for Nigels in the county to stand up and be counted.

He is now asking all Nigels to meet him at 'Nigel Night' at The Fleece Inn in Bretforton.

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Mr Smith said: “Before it’s too late and we become extinct, we felt we ought to have a gathering.

“Let’s face it, it’s not a popular name but surely there are enough of us to try and create our lasting mark on British names.

“When I was at school people used to think my name was a joke.

“Non-Nigels are welcome to attend but they have to wear a badge saying they are not Nigel.

“Join me for a free drink and let’s try and set a new Nigel record, which I intend to submit to Guinness World Records for approval.

“If this goes successful, I’ll look at setting up a national gathering

The evening at the 600-year-old pub near Evesham will include a Nigel-based playlist and entertainment - although he is unsure if it will be any other song apart from XTC’s Making Plans for Nigel.

The gathering will take place on on Saturday September 28, starting around 7pm.