A WOMAN says she is a ‘nervous wreck’ after her 12th car has been written off in a high-speed crash.

Maria Roberts has called for road traffic measures after she has spent ‘thousands’ on cars after they’ve been written off from outside her home in Tolladine Road, Worcester.

Miss Roberts, 46, said: “This is one of the worst crashes we’ve ever had. It’s horrendous. All we heard was the massive bang. There were no squeaks from the brakes.

“I’m a nervous wreck. I can’t sleep. It's making me ill. Every time I hear breaks squeaking, I wake up. It’s like living on a racetrack.”

Emergency services were called to the crash at around 4am yesterday morning (September 5).

A 27-year old man was arrested in Lowesmoor, after he was seen running away from the scene and allegedly found to be carrying a weapon.

The car crashed into two parked cars – owned by Miss Roberts and her partner.

Miss Roberts claims she only had her car, which is a Vauxhall Mokka X, for a week, as her previous car was written off three weeks ago in another crash.

Miss Roberts is forced to park her car on the road as her property doesn’t have a driveway.

She leaves her house for work at 4am, adding: “I was so lucky I wasn’t in the car else I wouldn’t be here now. We are so lucky to walk away from that.

“It won’t be long until someone is killed. When’s it going to stop?”

“It's just devastating. It's a huge problem that desperately needs sorting.

“It’s dangerous driving. If a speed camera was put up it would be a godsend. I want to be able to park my car safely.”

One resident, Michaela Brookes, who has been living in the area for 10 years claims she has seen multiple car crashes in Tolladine Road.

Miss Brookes, aged 31 said: “If this happened a few hours later while parents were taking their kids to school, someone would have been seriously hurt.

“It’s quite clear the car was driving fast as it’s caused some serious damage.

“It’s stupid how fast cars come down that road. There’s been a lot of crashes in Tolladine Road.

“That stretch of road is absolutely terrible. It’s one thing after another. There’s been numerous incidents, yet nothing has been done.

“I have lost a relative to a car crash and I have seen the impact it leaves with the family. That stupid idiot doesn’t understand the consequences.”

The residents have created a petition to help prevent reckless driving in the area.

To sign the petition, visit change.org/p/worcestershire-county-council-make-tolladine-road-worcester-safer-and-decrease-crashes-and-accidents/psf/promote_or_share

Local city councillor Roger Berry said: “There’s been several near misses on Tolladine Road. It’s a matter of concern that yet another accident has occurred.

“The county council need to do something about controlling the speed of traffic.

“I would support any attempt of making the road safer.”

If you saw anything in relation to the crash, contact the police on 101 and quote 435s of 4 September 2019.