LABOUR'S parliamentary candidate for Worcester has said she is ready to fight a general election and labelled talk her party was running scared as "spin".

Lynn Denham said events in parliament in recent days had been "incredible" to watch, and said she backed the opposition parties united efforts to stop no deal.

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The opposition MPs, including Tory rebels, voted through a bill forcing Prime Minister Boris Johnson to seek an extension to the October 31 deadline when Britain is set to leave the European Union.

That led the PM to seek a general election in the Commons, but that was rejected by MPs who believe he is attempting to push through a no deal. Opposition parties have also said they will vote against the government or abstain, if a vote on whether to hold a snap poll is put to MPs again tomorrow.

Meanwhile Jo Johnson, the PM's brother, resigned as an MP and minister saying he was "torn between family loyalty and the national interest".

Mrs Denham said the bill to stop no deal was the priority and the right thing to do.

"We have to stop no deal for the sake of the country, and stop us crashing out of the EU," the city councillor said.

"That would be so damaging. We have a government that doesn't understand the risks to jobs, and of food shortages.

"There is no evidence they are negotiating (with the EU).

"Boris Johnson is running a minority government, a group of right wing elites trying to govern.

"If his own brother doesn't trust him, how can the country?"

Mrs Denham said she had seen the criticism Labour was running scared of an election by not voting for one, with the PM calling it an "extraordinary political mistake".

"That is all spin," Mrs Denham said.

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"We want an election. We will fight it when it happens.

"We want a government that will operate for the many and not the few. It is rare having an autumn general election at all."

Asked if she supported calls for a second referendum, Mrs Denham added: "After an election, whoever is in charge, will have to look at the reality.

"We need sensible people in parliament, that can hold sensible talks with the EU.

"A lot of things can happen though."