A FATHER has confronted the Ukranian dealer who he believes sold the banned diet pills that killed his daughter.

Doug Shipsey’s 21-year-old daughter Beth died following a diet pill overdose in February 2017, and the Worcester dad has been battling ever since to ban the tablets containing the industrial chemical Dinitrophenol (DNP).

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Beth suffered a cardiac arrest after taking the drug, that is used as a slimming agent but is actually a lethal poison and classified as an explosive under UN regulations.

The 53-year-old has told the Worcester News he didn’t believe the apology from Andrei Shepelev which he received after making the 1,500 mile journey to Ukraine and tracking down the 31-year-old to his flat.

A BBC film crew as well as Ukrainian television followed the trip, and captured the moment Mr Shipsey held up a picture of the teenager, telling the dealer: “I want you to look into my daughter’s eyes and apologise for selling her the pills that killed her.”

Replying to Mr Shipsey on his doorstop, Mr Shepelev said: “I’m sorry, but I just wanted to make some money.

“I can say I feel sorry. If I knew your daughter would (die) I would never sell her anything.”

The dealer also made a personal apology to Beth’s mother Carole, when Mr Shipsey prompted him.

Mr Shipsey, a company director, said before flying out he had been worried about going, saying: “It was a cocktail of emotions.

“You never know how you will feel in that situation.

"I wondered if I would feel like strangling him, or completely breaking down.

"There was also some trepidation - the area is known for lawlessness, I was concerned (that he would get hurt).

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“I was amazed he spoke English, I was shocked he was there.

"I showed him the picture, he knew it was Beth, he knew who I was.

“I said sorry, but with the cameras there, it was not sincere.

“I wanted to demonstrate that these people are not untouchable."

Mr Shipsey added that it was not the end and would continue his fight, in the Ukraine and the UK.

"This isn't the end, we will continue the fight for justice for Beth," Mr Shipsey added.