Dear Sir

I wonder whether Labour parliamentary candidate Lynn Denham would ever advise a trade union never to walk away from negotiations if all it was offered was a bad deal for its members?

No sensible or even competent organisation goes into negotiations without the threat to walk away-and meaning it.

Otherwise the other side, in this case the EU, will simply offer the worst conditions possible.

It is like saying "we are weak, please run all over us!"

 Nearly 500 MPs voted to trigger Article 50 and for the Withdrawal Act. The Labour Party has reneged on that and is now blocking Brexit, showing that it cannot be trusted. Mrs. Denham doesn't mean that we should not leave with no deal, she really means no Brexit-the policy of the Lib Dems.

Her comment about us not usually having an Autumn election is frankly bizarre. We need an election in our country's interest to clear out the deceitful mp's who said they would honour the referendum result but are now doing all they can to block it.

Then the choice will be between someone who wants to dishonour the referendum and weaken Britain's negotiating hand versus our MP who is backing the PM's respect for the voters and our country. It's an easy choice to make to support out MP.


Francis Lankester