READERS have been having their say after it was revealed Severn Trent Water (STW) were fined £5,000 for delayed work that caused gridlock in Worcester city centre.

Motorists were hit by lengthy delays due to the roadworks near Waitrose in London Road on Monday morning.

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The water firm apologised saying the work was due to finish on Sunday, but overran into Monday.

Councillor Alan Amos, who has responsibility for highways at Worcestershire County Council, said STW was given permission to reseal a manhole cover, but did more work than they were supposed to, causing it to overrun.

After not telling the authority, they were hit with the fine.

The roadworks were cleared by the evening rush hour on Monday, as the firm faced another £5,000 fine.

On social media, Steve Higgs said: "What happened to project planning and project management there doesn’t seem to be any of the above or coordination of works to minimise delays etc.

"These guys couldn’t run a bath."

Richard Young said: "£5,000 should be given to the people in the queue."

Stuart Green said: "Is the fine money going to the people who actually got held up or is it going to the council?"

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Steve Hobbs said: "If these works were monitored properly by the highways department, and over the course of the weekend too, then they’d have been able to keep in contact with Severn Trent in the first place and perhaps this issue could then have been resolved, and the traffic chaos wouldn't have happened on London Road.

"And when it comes to fining, £5k? Really?"

Eli Cameron said: "Watch everyone's water bills go up a few pence to cover it."

Sara Jayne Clark added: "So that £5,000 you have fined them will now be ploughed back into our bills making them higher, well done Worcester City Council."