Robert Hale has now left the Trump School of Government (See his recent Fair Point about the “Weird” Irish Border issue).

He’s now joined the Trump Science School because now he debunks climate scientists, like his mentor does. 

 This is another piece of facile journalism from Worcester News.

Surely Robert will have read about the Paris Climate Agreement, where all top scientists and 194 nations agreed that not only was there a global climate problem but that there was a solution: hence our commitment to reduce emissions.

Only Trump and Bolsonaro don’t support the Paris Plan. 

Scientists solved the urban smog, lead in petrol, NOx, ozone layer and acid rain problems in our lifetime.

We now breath easier and live better as a result.  

 When you make “Fair Points”, please may they be balanced and unbiased.  

 Climate change is an important subject. We should treat it with the respect it deserves and use reliable investigative journalism; not shoot from the hip.


Gerry Taggart