SIR – RE Tom Banner’s Fair Point (Don’t manipulate war history to promote a no-deal Brexit) – another moaner!

At the point of Dunkirk Great Britain was alone, and if Lord Halifax had his way the war would of been over, and we would all be speaking German.

And who are you to say that? Were you alive then?

I was and saw our soldiers, British, French, Dutch, and Belgian come to live in Malvern.

Tired, and worn out, but soon to gather themselves together for the great fightback.

History does repeat its self, and I am no politician, but we should always look to our past, before rushing in to the future.

We voted out and all parties in parliament said they would honour it. End of conversation.

Please no more ifs and buts, if you are right, that we are not alone, remember, we are the greatest trading nation in the world, and the world is ready and willing to let us join them.

Robert Smallman