PUB Spy was very happy this week to discover a little gem of a place hidden in a Worcestershire village.

There’s nothing I could fault about The Chequers, in Crowle, near Worcester.

The service was incredible, the food was sensational and there was a laid-back atmosphere, which is just what you need to finish off the day.

It was the full package and certainly ticked off all the boxes that I search for in a dining place.

I was very impressed with the service at this week’s restaurant. It seemed everyone would go the extra mile to ensure you’re enjoying yourself.

Although the eatery wasn’t heaving with customers, it did have a fair number of tables full. And considering it was a weekday evening, the bar was packed with punters.

It’s refreshing to see a village pub doing well mid-week.

We were promptly shown to a table by a friendly waitress and a jug of water was placed on our table shortly after us sitting down.

Usually I find restaurants a bit stingy on giving out tap water, which doesn’t surprise me, as obviously they want to increase sales.

I ordered a Coke as I was driving, although I would have enjoyed tasting one of the many wines they have on offer.

Upon ordering our food, the waiter heard my companion and I discuss the soup of the day. He approached our table with a small cup of cream of mushroom soup for us to try before placing our order.

My goodness – it was stunning and packed with flavour. Needless to say, we both ordered a soup for £4.50 per bowl.

As a nice touch, the staff brought over complimentary olives and bread for the table so we could have a nibble whilst we waited for our food.

I was ravenous, so I devoured the bread and olives – shared equally with my companion of course.

For the main course, it was a very easy decision to make. Once I glanced over the menu once, my eyes caught the crispy lamb belly which sounded just wonderful. Served with lamb fat roast potatoes, sauce soubise and buttered summer vegetables, it was a must have.

Priced at £18, the lamb was stunning and worth every penny. The lamb practically melted in your mouth, whilst the belly itself had a gentle crunch.

The presentation was immaculate, and I was hugely impressed by both courses.

The food was surprisingly filling and there was no room for dessert.

There was a pleasant vibe in the pub and every member of staff was very smiley.

The pub has so much character. The dining area offers a large space with plenty of seating options. There’s a host of tables for families, booths for the more adventurous ones to enjoy and romantic tables for two.

All in all, the bill came to £48.75 for our drinks, two starters and two mains which I’d say was a good price considering the quality of food and the wonderful service.

The Chequers and my experience there was an absolute delight and I am looking forward to paying another visit.


DECOR: 9/10

STAFF: 10/10

DRINK: 8/10

FOOD: 9/10

PRICES: 8/10