A MAN who has a permanent stoma bag after suffering with an inflammatory bowel disease has completed the Worcester half marathon.

Ian Walker, from Worcester, has been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for six years.

The condition has progressively got worse, and in March this year, Mr Walker was rushed to Worcestershire Royal Hospital and had his bowels removed, which saved his life.

Mr Walker, aged 37 said: “My body was attacking my bowels and it caused a lot of blood and mucus.

“I deteriorated so quickly and became very ill. I was rushed to hospital.

“The staff saved my life.”

As part of his long-term condition, Mr Walker would use the toilet around 40 times a day.

He added: “I wanted to carry on running but I was in so much pain. I just wanted to live my life again.

“I thought I’d have to give up running after my operation. Running is something I love. I had to stop it when I was ill and that broke me.”

Mr Walker took part in the Worcester City Half Marathon on Sunday and completed the race in one hour and 50 minutes.


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During the run, he spotted nurse, Donna Lewis a spectator, who took care of him while he was in hospital.

He said: “It was amazing to see her. I ran over and a gave her a big hug and smile at mile 11.”

Following his surgery, Mr Walker has completed a 50-mile ultramarathon and four half marathons.

Only four weeks after his operation he completed a five-mile run.

He added: “I did everything in my power to get into running and fitness again.

“I feel the best I have been done in six years. Running has given me my life back and I feel back to normal again.

“I try not to let my stoma stop me from doing things. I wanted to prove that I could do all the things that I could before. I missed out on so much, so when I was given an opportunity to live again, I wanted to make the most of it.”