THE entire Brexit debate has brought to the forefront one downside to the entire social media age.

Our seemingly lost ability to be able to debate.

I hear more and more people leaving social media now, fed up of having expressed an opinion and getting trolled for saying it.

And that is a shame, because social media platforms when used properly are a wonderful addition to our lives.

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I should stress this isn’t a problem defined to one group, to one political side, to being a remainer or Brexiteer. Trolling is going on everywhere, and spreading.

Also, I should say that if you are saying something offensive, whether it be sexist, racist or another form of discriminatory language, you should be called out on it and banned from the platforms.

In the current climate it is concerning that the ability to have sensible, rational debate appears to be being lost. Too many times I have seen Brexit debates end up in attacks and insults.

I’m fed up of all the snowflakes, gammon comments, and worse. Why does it have to get personal?

Head online and you will see it. In recent days I could find a number of examples where respectable journalists report on events, the facts, but get questioned for their impartiality and then quickly their thread turns to abuse thrown at each side.

Many people too don’t question whether something reported as a fact, is in fact an opinion. They don’t look at who is saying something, and ask ‘is there a bigger agenda’ behind this.

And there is something else people seen to do less off - constantly question their own beliefs and be prepared to change your mind. Somehow it has become a sign of weakness if you evaluate your position on something, and reach a new conclusion.

That is something we should all be prepared to do.

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I worry since becoming PM Boris Johnson has recognised all this and instead of rejecting it, is fully embracing it. The strategy of 'parliament verses the people' is already underway, all designed to further the split between Brexiteers and remainers. There could be lasting damage.

At the end of all this, when we will reach that magical day Brexit is resolved, somehow this country will need to come back together and find a way to have sensible debates again.