SIR – Who does Robin Walker think he’s kidding? (No election means a missed opportunity, MP’s View, September 12).

His Conservative Government has had over three years to sort out Brexit. He was a Brexit Minister himself for three years, at the heart of negotiations and preparations for Brexit.

Having failed to deliver a deal, he then, presumably to keep his job as a Government Minister, sold his soul to Boris Johnson by signing the pledge to leave the EU with no deal on October 31 – even though he knows better than most that no deal would be disastrous for people in Worcester and the UK as a whole.

Mr Walker should look closer to home in laying blame. It is his Conservative Party that failed to win the support of even its own MPs for Theresa May’s deal.

It is his Conservative Party that foisted on the country a Prime Minister who did not hesitate to oust respected, moderate Tory MPs who disagreed with him.

A Prime Minister whose own brother says he cannot be trusted to defend the best interests of the country.

A Prime Minister whom the courts are saying acted illegally in shutting down parliament for five weeks. It is his Conservative Party that caused the mess the country is in.

Worcester people, who have suffered so much at the hands of incompetent, self-serving Conservative government, deserve much better than that.

Yes, we need a General Election Robin, but not one that can be manipulated by an untrustworthy Prime Minister and Conservative Party.


Labour City Councillor, Worcester