A FRIEND of Tom Jones, the student who tragically died while on a night out in Worcester, has called on people to hold a special candle-lit tribute to him on the anniversary of his death.

Harley Hetherington, who created the ‘Find JONAH’ Facebook page after Tom’s disappearance, posted on the site calling for people to light a candle for Tom, who he was studying alongside at the University of Worcester.

Mr Hetherington said: “For those who may not be aware, tonight is one year since the tragic event that took Tom’s life took place.

“I want to invite everyone to light a candle this evening in a place where you find comfort, whether it be your homes or elsewhere, in memory of not just the amazing life Jonah lived but to all lives.

“Speaking on behalf of myself I can honestly say that Jonah has been missed each and everyday.

“I miss you more and more everyday and I hope you are looking down on my life, as well as every life you affected and I hope you know how deeply you are missed by all.”

The aim of the vigil is not necessarily to hold a gathering and get large numbers of people together, but for individuals and families to have their own private moment of remembrance.

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He continued: “Find the opportunity to smile, not because of the sadness and heartache of loss but the happiness of memories and those moments that made every bad thing in your life disappear.

“Remember that no matter what happens, you are always loved.

“Don’t focus on the negativity in your life, remember that no matter what there is someone our there who loves you.

“Everyone is hated by somebody and everyone is loved. Jonah mate, you were loved by so many. Love you forever x”

Tom, who was 18 at the time, drowned while on a night out in Worcester in September last year.

Since then his parents, Ian and Vicki, say they have made it their goal to “prevent any family going through what we have” by promoting the importance of water safety.

Last week, they returned to the riverside where Tom died to unveil new throw-lines designed to help people in the water who are in difficulty.

The throw-lines have been installed as part of the Home and Dry campaign, an initiative to educate people to the dangers of water.