CAMPAIGNERS have said they are disappointed that a bike hire scheme is not coming to the city.

A spokesman from Beryl Bikes - a company that lets people hire a bike on a pay-as-you-ride system - said there were no immediate plans for them to come to the city - but they have not ruled it out.

The Beryl Bikes spokesman said: “We’re always interested in engaging with residents and councils if they believe our tailored bike share service could serve their community in a positive way.”

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The bikes - which are similar to the 'Boris Bike' idea that runs in London - have been operating in Hereford.

But, already, some of the bikes have been thrown into trees and set on fire.

Danny Brothwell, a spokesman for Worcester Bike that promotes cycling, said: “I have used hire bikes in cities around Europe, it is great.”

Mr Brothwell said: “The benefits would outweigh the negatives.

“If it has worked around the world, there is no reason it couldn’t work in a city like Worcester.”

Councillor Louis Stephen, from Worcester Green Party, said he would also back the introduction of a scheme.

Cllr Stephen said: “We have a big problem with congestion in this city.

“Anything that encourages cycling would be a fantastic idea.

“Hire bikes are great for people who live in flats or apartments, people who don’t have storage space for a bike.

“It would be good for tourists, and people trying to get from one side of the city to the other.”

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In Hereford, special Beryl Bays have been set up, positioned at key attractions and transport hubs in the city.

Users access a Beryl app to hire the bikes and choose a series of payment options.

These range from pay-as-you-ride - £1 unlock fee plus 5p per minute - to a day pass offering 24 hours of unlimited riding for £12. Users return the bike at any bay ready for the next person to use.