Tyler Massey is one of the most interesting songwriters on the local music scene.  Having played music across the pond, his influences are wide, and this is reflected in his intricate folk music.

If you’re a fan of detail, and relaxed, well written songs, you will love this man’s music.

You’ve had a pretty impressive music career so far. How did it all begin?

I used to play in bands while I was at university back when I lived in the US, but kind of slacked off from it when I had children.  I moved to the UK in 2005 where I picked it up again – playing with the likes of Vo Fletcher.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve started writing my own music.

I was in a band called The Pull, which was my first original project, then The Maydolls which was a duo.  I now mainly focus on my project called the Tyler Massey Trio.


Do you think that the addition of all the extra elements which come with having multiple members of the Tyler Massey Trio/Quartet helps make your music stand out from the typical singer songwriter?

Absolutely.  I don’t like to play alone for a start – I prefer having a group of us on stage working together.  Also I didn’t want to be one of a million singer-songwriters all doing the same thing.

I think having others involved playing different instruments brings the songs to life, giving them a shape almost. 

I like to think it’s like the difference between a baked potato and having a full meal!


Your music has a focus on intricacy and detail. How do you keep the creativity going to write so many songs to such a consistently high standard?

If I get a new idea, I record it on a little recorder and one day listen back to it.

If it’s no good I’ll just delete it, but sometimes I can put two half-finished pieces together to come up with something I’m happy with. 


You play many gigs in different venues. What is it like to share your music with new audiences? 

Scary.  If the first few songs go well and I can tell the audience are enjoying them I can relax a bit.  It often depends on the night.  If I feel I’m not getting the connection I want with the audience, I’ll throw a cover in there to keep them interested.  It’s almost like giving out candy for them putting up with my songs!


Finally, what can Worcestershire expect to hear from you in the coming months?

I will be writing some more songs, and I hope to be back in the studio soon recording!


Tyler Massey will be at Paradiddles Music Café and Bar on Saturday, October 5, from 8pm.