THE council has a legal responsibly to provide financial support to bus services, according to First Bus.

First Group has announced an array of bus cuts as part of a wider reduction in services from October 13.

The company has said it’s only cutting services that aren't being heavily used.

Nigel Eggleton, managing director at First Worcester said: “To clarify for people who may not be aware, First Worcester is a commercial business and the majority of services operated receive no public subsidy to support them, meaning that each service and journey needs to be commercially viable. In basic terms, if enough people use a service it will operate, but we can’t justify buses running around the city and county with only a handful of people travelling on them.

“We informed Worcestershire County Council of our proposals on August 2. They now have a legal responsibility to consider what financial support they may wish to provide, if any, and we await their decision.”

Councillor Alan Amos, cabinet member with responsibility for Highways, said: “Following the notification from First Bus about further route cuts, Worcestershire County Council has been working hard in the background to review the possible implications and look at opportunities to help residents who might be affected by these service reductions.”


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Readers have had their say about the proposed bus changes.

June Binyon said: “Pretty soon Worcester will not have a bus service at all. How can they withdraw a service completely on a Saturday? Absolutely disgraceful. It is not a service at all. With many routes being discontinued on a Saturday, how do they expect people to get to work?

“The authorities keep urging people to leave their cars at home (assuming they have a car in the first place), but what choice do they have? Plus, a lot of elderly people rely on the bus service to get them around - now these people will be isolated even more.”

Sophie Wood said: “Absolutely diabolical. I am appalled by the bus company cutting buses on the 37 routes both Saturday and Sunday. How are students meant to get to the bank or the Hive to study? What has our world come to?”

Kate Cody said: “We took the bus from Fernhill Heath to Worcester on Saturday. It cost over £6 for two of us to go one way. No wonder people don’t use the bus. I could have driven and parked for less.”

Sarah Sherwood said: “I have recently needed to move my children from Oasis School in Warndon due to the fact of the 33 buses actually stopping. Which is disgusting due to the fact how they can withdraw the 33 bus completely knowing how busy that route is from Tolladine to Warndon.”

SpaceBarIsBroken said: “Not all are lucky enough to be able to drive to lessen the effect the actions of a so-called bus company, it's some peoples only mode of cost-effective travel.

“In other words. If you live across the river and work for a living then we don't want you on our service. And people wonder why the majority has had to return to using cars and increase congestion.”

Roger5 said: “Cycling is great for fit young people. Once you get over 40, it might be too much, and there's a question of whether you can safely store your bike at your destination. If our local authorities are serious about reducing reliance on cars, and encouraging people to get out and about, particularly the elderly, we need more buses not fewer.”