PEOPLE have claimed seeing a dog being ‘dragged along’ by a van which is owned by a pet care company.

Accusations have been made by city folk who have claimed they have spotted a dog being dragged by a Local People For Local Pets (LPFLP) dog walking van.

Andy Warnapeaux claims he saw the dog being dragged along at around 11am on September 18. He said himself and two others stopped the van at the Pump House in Waterworks Road.

Mr Warnapeaux posted on Facebook: “The driver was oblivious to the van side door being open and the dog, tethered by its collar/lead, being dragged alongside.

“The dog was a small terrier of some sort and the guy subsequently bundled the dog into the van without checking whether it was injured.”

Bernie Collins also posted on Facebook saying he saw the same incident.

He said: “Just followed this bloke down Waterworks Road in Worcester. The side door of the van was open, dragging a little brown terrier type dog down the road.

“Despite flashing lights and sounding horn, he refused to stop until he had no option. He showed no remorse and didn’t even check the dog for injury.”

Nick Williams alleges he saw the van drive past him in Bath Road with the side door open on the same day.

He said: “A smallish dark coated dog was barking from the open door at people walking along. The dog looked almost as if it was going to jump out.

“I don't think he even knew it was open. I hope something is done about him; he shouldn't be entrusted with anybody's pets.”

Lisa Telfer, who owns the company with her husband Peter Telfer, said: “From what I gather the door had come open as my husband was driving.

“We clip the dog in such a way that they can’t jump out. They are securely clipped in and tethered within the van.

“My husband stopped when he could and put the dog back in. Her feet were a bit sore but not injured. The dog was not seriously injured.”

Mrs Telfer added: “We have already received hateful phone calls in the middle of the night. "This is an ongoing hate campaign."£

Mr Telfer was unavailable for comment.

Similar claims have been made about the dog van on Facebook.

A Worcestershire Regulatory Services spokesman said: “We have received complaints about this business, and they are being looked into.”

In 2013, we reported a family left their miniature chihuahua, Chicco, in the care of Local People for Local Pets while they were on holiday. However, upon their return, they discovered the dog had been killed.

Daniel Harris, whose dog it was, said: “Our dog had its neck broken by another dog in his care.

“The man gave our dog back in a carrier bag and said to my 12-year-old son ‘here’s what’s left of him.’

“We felt powerless. He is vile and evil.

“This man should not be running a business. He’s not a dog lover.”