SIR – If I were a betting man, I’d put a few pounds on the odds that there will be a General Election before December, but what does that really mean?

Any General Election is going to be dominated by the question of Brexit, and here is where Worcester City residents are going to have a dilemma.

At the Referendum the city voted to leave Europe, so how do those residents, who like me voted to leave, ensure that our wishes are eventually delivered?

We can’t vote for the Liberal Democrat party candidate as they have a clear manifesto to block Brexit; we can’t vote for Lynne Denham the Labour candidate as

while their policy on Europe is still unclear, she has clearly stated that the is a remainer!

So we are left with two options (assuming UKIP don’t put up a candidate). Do we vote for Robin Walker MP, the Conservative candidate?

Robin voted to remain, but while in parliament has consistently voted to leave, or you vote for the Brexit candidate.

On face value, most Brexit supporters would now, in justified frustration turn to the Brexit party, but what would the consequences of that be for Worcester city.

In reality that would likely split the vote between Conservative and Brexit enabling Labour to potentially sneak the seat.

So we risk ending up with a remainer MP, who represents a party that has no clear policy on Brexit, but we all know really wants a second referendum.

So, I urge Brexit and frustrated Conservative supporters to resist the urge to vote Brexit, stick with Robin Walker MP and then we can assure that he is returned, and the Conservatives regain a majority which will allow Boris Johnson MP to get us out of Europe.


Cllr, St Clement ward