CONCERNED residents have asked the council to reject a plan to demolish a former nightclub and build 89 student flats over fears it would cause too much disruption and destroy part of the city's heritage.

Proposals were put forward in May to replace the now derelict former Images nightclub in The Butts with an eight-storey student accommodation building.

Several objections have been raised by neighbours and residents around the city concerned by the disruption it would cause with some calling it "inadequate and unneeded" and a "wasted opportunity."

One concerned resident said it would be a "travesty" to knock the building down.

Allan Price of Nelson Road said: “The former nightclub is based in a historical Worcestershire building, with parts of the historic city wall behind it.

“Demolition of this building would be a travesty to future generations of Worcester people.”

Elisabeth Ford of York Place said: “What a wasted opportunity. Having seen the artist's impression, I think it is a commonplace, boring, brick, box building. When it will be in such a prominent position why not use a really good architect and build something that looks good to reflect our beautiful city.

“This does Worcester no favours and will be regretted as bad architecture by future generations.”

Richard Greenway of Henwick Road said the proposal was "ill-conceived" and overbearing. He said the building should be kept and locally listed.

Russell Knight of Mcintyre Road said the student flats were “inadequate, unneeded and [would] represent a significant slight on the skyline of Worcester.”

He said: “Worcester has lost too many of its historic buildings from over exuberant planning applications don't let this be one of them.”

Paul Harding of Discover History said the building was a key part of the city’s industrial heritage - and kept the city's other industries running in the 19th century by repairing machinery – and it would be a shame to see it knocked down.

Neighbours in Magdala Court in The Butts had a mixed reaction to the plan.

Elliot Rees questioned whether more student accommodation was needed in the city and was concerned a new building filled with more than a hundred students would cause massive disruption to one of the main roads through the city centre – particularly at the start and end of term.

Carter Sweet said the derelict nightclub was “hideous” and more student accommodation made sense with the growth of the university.

He said: “Noise really isn't going to be that much different. Students and others walk up and down the road regularly at night as we are in the centre of town next to a busy road, if noise is a reason people are objecting, they haven't really got a leg to stand on. There's going to be noise regardless.”

Patricia Canfield said the new building would bring months, if not years, of misery to residents because of noise, air pollution and traffic chaos.

She said: “The packing of 100 residents into such a relatively small space is also likely to cause problems, with residents potentially looking to escape their tight quarters by 'hanging out' on the street outside, bringing both noise and safely concerns.”