WORCESTER'S MP says the Prime Minister’s new Brexit proposals offer a chance to end the Brexit uncertainty.

Boris Johnson yesterday appealed to MPs to back his plan, which he says would solve the Northern Ireland backstop stumbling block through the country staying in the single market for goods, but leaving the customs union.

But some European leaders have voiced doubts, with the European Commission saying there were “problematic points” in the proposal and “further work is needed”.

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Robin Walker, who is a minister in the government, said: “I think the crucial thing is we get an agreement the European Union can sign up to, but also get through parliament. What we now appear to have is something the DUP, our backbenchers and Labour backbenchers can support.

“Michel Barnier (the EU's chief negotiator) has said there is progress. There is a chance to get something through here. Businesses would welcome the certainty, we would be able to move on.”

Mr Walker said the Benn Act, that requires the PM to request an extension if a Brexit deal is not secured, had made getting a deal less likely.

“It removes the urgency for the European Union to negotiate,” the MP said.

“There has been a huge amount of preparations (for no deal) but there would be consequences of not having a deal in place."

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The MP called Labour’s second referendum proposal and the Liberal Democrat’s revoke article 50 positions as “extraordinary”, adding it would be rejected by voters.

Mr Walker said the mood at the Conservative Party conference this week had been positive, and members were ready for a general election.

He said he welcomed announcements on NHS spending, and a living wage increase.

"The leader's speech showed why he is a one nation Conservative, the MP said.

"It answered critics who said the party had moved to the right."