This month, Worcester Arts Workshop will present a short play to mark World Mental Health Day.

The Order Of Disorder created by LouDeemY Productions will be performed at WAW on Friday October 11 and focuses on a young woman and her eating disorder.

A spokesman said: "A provocative story exploring one woman's journey into anorexia nervosa, The Order Of Disorder tackles the subject with drama and humour.

"Written by Louise Stokes, the play explores the sensitive issue of eating disorders through poetry, mask and stylised theatre."

Louise Stokes and Nadeem Chughtai co-run LouDeemY Productions. They have worked together from their shared experiences of mental health.

The spokesman said: "Nadeem’s involvement in mental health as a support for others, and Louise as a former senior psychiatric nurse, to create and deliver this unique and innovative performance. or by calling 01905 25053.