THE Oscar appeal raised a staggering £500,000 in just three weeks after the little boy stole the hearts of the community.

And it became a real communal effort as fundraisers responded to his family's desperate Hand in Hand for Oscar campaign in their droves.

The call for an Oscar day caught the imagination of schools and businesses to hold dress-up and dress-down days, while their were cake sales and a change pot challenge was launched.

Children emptied out their piggy banks to give money to the appeal, while businesses gave up a day's takings and individuals took on physical challenges in an attempt to raise the money.

Mums banded together to organise fun days and volunteers gave up their time to carry out bucket collections in supermarkets, at sports matches and service stations.

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Among the fundraisers were:

Sergeant Major Mark Wall of the 214 (Worcestershire) Battery the Royal Artillery who completed the length of a marathon for seven consecutive days at Pitmaston Primary.

Mainstay held an Oscar day in their office in Worcester and raised £1265.49. Staff were encouraged to wear red, guess the balloons in the car and guess the number of sweets in the jar.

Warren Leggett, director of Warren's Removal's and Storage in Worcester donated a day's income to help Oscar - £2,186.

Pitmaston Primary School’s Oscar day raised over £2,500 for their year 1 pupil.

Fort Royal School held an Oscar day on October 1 and raised £575.

Michael Lloyd did a 22-mile endurance walk on September 28 in aid of Oscar.

Worcester City Juniors under 11’s donated £74 from their raffle and tuck shop sales to help Oscar’s fund.

Fatmir Cokaj, owner of Caffe Bolero, in St Nicholas Street, Worcester, donated a whole day’s takings to the Hand in Hand for Oscar campaign.

Police have been helping to support the fundraiser, wearing their home clothes to work on September 27 in a bid to raise money for the five-year-old boy and will undertake a charity rugby match on Wednesday.

Mike Painter, head at Cherry Orchard Primary School, braved the shave and raised money to support Oscar’s treatment.

Anthony Wilson and Tim Wood cycled more than 1,000 miles to raise more than £10,000

There were also dozens upon dozens of individual pledges left on the campaign page with many leaving heartfelt messages of goodwill for Oscar and, sometimes, poignant hints at their own reasons for giving.

Gareth Hall £130 "Our site lunchtime hard hat whip round."

Zoe £10 - "In memory of Mervin. A truly lovely man."

Anonymous £100 "We are rooting for you Oscar."

Team Carter £700 "This is the donation raised by Team Carter at the Concert for Carter

Sharon Micklewright £15 "I am on the stem cell transplant list because of Oscar"

Sophie Wheldon £25 "CAR-T is amazing and I have had it myself recently. I am 21 and it has been tough so I can only imagine what life has been like."

A well wisher £100 "Lots of love"

Diane Pardoe £50 (+£12.50 giftaid). She said: “I saw your story on TV last night and I wanted to help. I lost my husband to Lymphoma in January and I know he would want to help too sending love to you all.”

Sarah Tooth £100 "Tonight at 6th Worcester Brownies we had a disco for you Oscar"

Anonymous "Been in your shoes....sending you best wishes x"

Vicky Lou £2,820.60 "Love from everyone at Down the Rabbit Hole Tattoo Studio"

Another mum £5 "God bless you little bear"

Jo and Maureen £50 (+£12.50 giftaid) “I'd give you all of it if I had it darling.”

Norton Juxta Kempsey CE Primary School contributed £306 and said: “All staff and pupils at Norton Juxta Kempsey CE Primary School took part in Oscar Day on 23rd September by wearing non uniform to school. A suggested donation of £1 was advertised however many families gave much more.”

Andy Finnerty gave £5 (+£1.25 giftaid). He said: “Good luck big man!! Remember, you are a Tyrannosaurus Rex and can do anything you want. Sending love, hugs, and hope to you all.”

Legionettes High Flyers Ladies Skittle Teams gave £51 and said: “Keep fighting Oscar.”

Anonymous donated £10 (+£2.50 giftaid) and said: “Your story has touched my heart Oscar. Sending love and praying you get the treatment you need.”

Tony Bradshaw gave £10 (+£2.50 giftaid). He said: “We are all with you little man. You will do it and we will all spread the word.”

Ashley Scott, who donated £25 (+£6.25 giftaid), said: “Sending you all the positivity in my heart little guy. I pray you reach your target.”

Nikki donated £63.86 (+£15.97 giftaid). She said: “Oscar, you are one awesome warrior. Keep on smiling! We wish you all the very best and much happiness for the future, With love, all the team at Safer Roads.”

The Gwatkins, who donated £10 (+£2.50 giftaid) said: “You are quite simply fantastic little man! The nation loves you!”

Kim Mundy donated £100 (+£25 giftaid). She said: Keep fighting little man! Donating my birthday money from my husband. You’re all in our thoughts.”

Gurpreet Sagoo gave £25 (+£6.25 giftaid) and said: “Keep going little man. Let's get this treatment started asap.”

SMG Surgery gave £210 and said: “Stay strong little one, from all the staff & Partners at SMG.”

Laura Jones donated £10 (+£2.50 giftaid) and said: “Your family’s strength is totally inspiring. You've got this Oscar!”

Anonymous gave £50 (+£12.50 giftaid) and said: “Keep fighting gorgeous boy.”

Poppy and Charlie, aged 5, donated £5 (+£1.25 giftaid).

Charlotte K contributed £40 (+£10 giftaid). She said: “Keep going Oscar Darling- stay strong. We all love you and are behind you. Praying for you.”

Carole donated £10 (+£2.50 giftaid) and said: “Fight on little Oscar. I wish I could afford more. My heart is with you and my love and prayers are with your whole family.”

Carol Pratt donated £10 (+£2.50 giftaid) and said: “Good luck. You are an amazing and special little man with a brave and inspirational family. Keep fighting.”

Next Generation Childcare contributed £200 (+£50 giftaid) and said: “The children dressed up as superhero’s to be as brave as Oscar. We wish you all the best!”

Linda Pitt gave £10 (+£2.50 giftaid). She said: “Wishing you all the luck in the world Oscar. You are strong, loving little warrior and a true inspiration and we are all with you every step of the way now and always.”

James R donated £5 (+£1.25 giftaid) and said: “Brilliant everyone. Let's get our little man to Singapore.”

Anonymous contributed £520 (+£130 giftaid) said: “Stay strong, you’re so close.”

Grace gave £25 (+£6.25 giftaid). She said: “I’ve been waiting patiently for my first wage as a qualified nurse so that I could donate to this amazing cause. Keep fighting Oscar, you've got so much love and support behind you.”

Colin £62 - "3rd week's collection from customers of St John's post office."

Dominique Thrower £10 - "My amazing little sister Dannielle Thrower wants donations for Oscar instead of birthday gifts."

Utopia Furniture Limited Colleagues gave £70 and said: “Wishing you every success in your challenge. Lots of luck from us all.”

The Goodies Skittles Team contributed £150 and said: “Donate your Subs! - The Goodies & Arboretums Ladies Skittles. We are getting you there as a community Oscar.”

Simon Gillet £147.50 - "Collected from the fire service college along with previous donations - lots of luck and love x"

Sian £1875 - "Sending love to Oscar from everyone at the three Worcester McDonald's"

Worcestershire County Council's HR department £635 - "Keep fighting little soldier you have a huge army behind you."

Sing and Sign Malvern, Worcester and Ledbury £250 "We have been dressing up the babies and eating cake this week."