First of all, I am thrilled to announce that The Manor Arms has been chosen as a finalist in the pub of the year category in the Visit Worcestershire awards for excellence.

I am truly delighted, and would like to thank everyone at the pub, who make sure our guests have a great welcome and great food.

Now on to this week’s recipe. Apples are still plentiful and it’s good to make the most of them while they are in their prime.

Apples are often separated into cooking apples and eating apples. It’s fair to say that nobody would want to eat a cooking apple raw, but cooking with eating apples is a different matter.

These tend to retain their shape and texture very well, and are ideal for puddings and cakes. Eating apples also give off less liquid than ‘cookers’, and are therefore better for most cakes, when you don’t need too wet a batter.

Eating apples work well with cider and spirits such as Calvados and brandy too, with their drier texture carrying the flavours perfectly.

In this delicious apple terrine, I have used a dash of Calvados to give it an exotic kick. The recipe serves up to ten people, so it’s ideal for a dinner party. If there’s any left over, then that’s a treat for the following day.

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Serves 8-10


1.5kg Cox apples – sliced 1.5mm thick on a mandolin (or with a sharp knife)

4tbsp melted butter

25ml Calvados

Mix butter and calvados together and brush apples with it.

Line a terrine with silicone paper, arrange neatly up to the edges with the sliced apples (using slices to fit up the edges as you layer up). Finish about 2cm above the terrine mould

Put a double layer of foil on and bake at 180 degrees for approx 60-70 mins

Remove foil, press down and cover with silicone paper and bake for another 90mins until golden - then cool


100g butter 20g oats

100g Demerara sugar 20g hazelnuts

150g flour 20g almonds

20g walnuts

Cream butter and sugar till pale then add dry ingredients (crushed up nuts) until it's a fine paste

Roll out to 0.5m thick and bake on parchment for 10-12mins

Put in blender and pulse to crumble

Apple molasses

2.5litres apple juice boiled down and skimmed as you go – it needs to reduce by about 1/7 of its volume until thick


Take a handful of peeled hazelnuts and put on a tray and sprinkle over a 3 dessert spoons of sugar, then put it oven and every now and then keep shaking them until caramelised

Putting the dish together:

Place a slice of the terrine on a plate

Spoon some nut crumble in a circle and add caramelised hazelnuts and drizzle with molasses

Finally sprinkle some of the remaining crumble over the terrine and serve with ice cream or blackberry sorbet.