I'M OVERWHELMED at the generosity of the public's support for little Oscar Saxelby-Lee in raising money for treatment abroad.

At the start of the year, an appeal was launched by the Worcester News for a stem cell match and one was found.

When the family needed to raise £500,000 to fund specialist treatment overseas for a rare form of leukaemia, again, The public came together in an overwhelming celebration of the human spirit to support one another in times of need during both appeals.

The amount raised is astonishing but, in under a month, the target was reached by the power of positive intention.

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My colleagues and I took phone calls from people desperate to help him in any way they could.

A soldier ran seven marathons, businesses donated takings and a teacher shaved off his hair - everyone stepping out of their comfort zone and it was beautiful to see.

School children and workers also showed their support with dress down days to raise vital funds.

Everyone doing what they could with the resources they had.

So, when I was the duty reporter at the weekend and found out the target was reached, I was overcome by emotion and I was thrilled to send the story live to the website.

Instantly, readers reacted with over flowing support and I think this positive energy is going out into the ether, helping Oscar.

It''s humbling to see the love Oscar's parents have for him and how they've been pushing their feelings, their hurt aside to do what's right for the boy.

As a reporter, I get a front row seat looking at the human condition from stories of abuse, criminal activity and suicide, to stories like Oscar's demonstrating that, at the end of the day, all of us no matter our disability, race, gender or anything else, are human. We beat the same and our instinct, as a species, is to pull together, to help one another and I think we forget this as life can sometimes be busy.

My late dad taught me to be careful with my words and actions as everything has a consequence and that, I think, is something we should all live by.

If we all acted in such a positive manner as we have done for Oscar's campaign, then we could move mountains