SIR – When I voted to join the Common Market back in the 70s I did not think that 40 years down the road we would be governed by the EU bureaucrats. When I voted to LEAVE this EU monster that it has become, I thought it will be good to have our parliament back again.

Have we so soon forgotten that when we had the floods a few years ago and I asked why don’t we dredge the rivers? It was because the EU wouldn’t let us.

Or Abu “Hook” Hamza, the militant Islam Cleric, it took our government 10 years to get rid of him at a cost to the tax payer of £10 million, because the EU wouldn’t let us.

It wasn’t long before leave became Brexit and then Brexit became, leave with a DEAL, which is as good as remaining.

Over the last three-and-a-half years this government has wasted nearly £4 billion of tax payers’ money achieving absolutely nothing, we are no further forward, and this is still only the first phase of this long-winded process, if we carry on down this path, it will be my grandchildren that will get whatever benefits there might have been.

When I voted to leave I thought I was voting for our MPs to get the right to once again govern this country, it would seem that they no longer know how to govern, so long have they been told what to do by others. If we were to have another referendum it should be to decide whether we govern ourselves or let the EU do it for us.

It costs the tax payer about £200,000 per MP per year, that’s about £130,000,000 per year and that’s without factoring in what the house of Lords costs us. If we stay in the EU, why do we need 650 MPs to rubber stamp whatever the EU or the USA throw our way, like a bone to a dog. Surely, 50 MPs is more than enough to do that. Then with the money saved the OAPs can at least get their free TV licence back.

Bill Kovacs