LABOUR'S parliamentary candidate for Worcester says she has doubts that Boris Johnson's fresh Brexit plan will secure parliamentary and European Union approval.

Lynn Denham has been responding to Robin Walker's comments that the Prime Minister's proposed new Brexit proposals offer a chance to secure a Brexit deal.

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The proposals, which the PM says would solve the Irish backstop issue through a new arrangement for Northern Ireland to stay in the European single market for goods but leave the customs union, have been welcomed by some. But the European Commission has said "further work is needed".

Mrs Denham said that Mr Walker's comments "sounds a note of desperation to me".

"Does anyone really believe this is a good deal for Worcester people?" she said.

"The proposals set out are worse than the deal negotiated by Theresa May which was rejected. The PM is still sticking with her red lines.

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"Does Robin really think pandering to extreme right wing Tories is a good idea?

"Robin Walker is bound to follow the government line and will not stand up for Worcester. It is time for change."

Mrs Denham said the key priority is still to avoid crashing without a deal, but she said she feared the PM was "grandstanding" with his attempts to get a deal, and in fact wanted no deal.

"On the surface it (his proposals) don't seem the most credible offer," she said.

"It is not obvious serious negotiations are taking place.

"Only Labour will trust Worcester people to have the final say on Brexit, in a vote between the best possible leave deal and an option to remain, uniting our communities to solve the crisis."