THIS week Pub Spy paid a visit to the newly-opened TripelB Belgium Beer Cafe in Worcester.

I’m getting old and I didn’t want to walk too far to have a quick drink.

Upon entering, I found it to be a tranquil place, with comfy seating.

There was a hushed buzz to the place, a positive energy not found in many chain pubs.

At the bar, men were discussing the qualities of different Belgium beers much like classical music fans talking about their favourite movements.

I actually found this slightly frustrating as they pondered over their choice with the seriousness of buying a house.

Didn’t they know Pub Spy was at the bar and thirsty?

The decor reminded me of cafes in Belgium, with a slightly rustic but clean look.

Everyone was enjoying a drink and this is what bars should be like, with no jukebox in sight or shouting drinkers trying to out-brag each other.

The barman told me they have around 100 beers of different strengths.

I opted for a a Vedett Extra Blond, a full-bodied beer of low alcohol content.


A fancy, hour glass type vessel was available but I opted for a standard pint glass.

I took my seat and looked at the menu.

Not extensive but a good selection was on offer.

I opted for the ham baguette, potato crisps and a chocolate cake.


I always find chocolate and beer are a good match – try it next time you drink beer.

The food came quickly with polite service and I was offered mustard in a clean, white bowl and not just handed a jar.

It’s attention to detail like this that thrills Pub Spy.

And it was proper ham, not the flappy stuff you can buy in supermarkets.

The bread was fresh and the salad was displayed nicely.

One of Pub Spy’s pet hates is being asked about the enjoyment of food with a mouthful of food but the question was asked in a joking way when I did indeed have a mouthful of food – this is my kind of place, one that understands irony.

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As the place has only just opened, I think they may need a bigger building as it was getting cosy on Saturday afternoon.

The outside seating is a nice touch but I feel with the temperamental English climate, it won’t be used all that often, save for summertime.

In summary, I wanted to stay longer but I had errands to do in the city.

I can’t fault the drinks, and although it’s slightly more expensive than a chain pub, the old adage of you get what you pay for is true and this is a cafe that takes drinking to be an art form.

The prices of the food items were reasonable but I would’ve liked to see a greater range of hot food so Ill have to visit again (for the purposes of journalism of course) to see if they menu has more items added to it in the future.

One of my new favourite places and it’ll be a regular haunt for Pub Spy.


Atmosphere: 9/10

Decor: 9/10

Staff: 9/10

Drink: 10/10

Food: 7/10

Prices: 7/10

Overall: 9/10