A WOMAN who refuses to pay a parking fine because she says it was unfairly issued has criticised Worcester MP for telling her to pay up.

Jo Heasman was given a £45 fine by Euro Car Parks for overstaying on the Tybridge Retail Park but says she actually made two visits to the site that day.

Ms Heasman claims that a check of the car park's surveillance cameras would show that she was within the two hour limit for both of her visits to the sites.

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Ms Heasman contacted city MP Robin Walker, who has now written back suggesting she should now pay the fine.

In a letter to her, the MP wrote: “I have received a response from Euro Car Parks - whilst I appreciate that you stated that your two visits did not exceed the two hour limit, the information provided suggests your second visit alone exceeded the limit. I understand that this is not the outcome you were looking for, but you may wish to settle the fine as it appears the notice was correctly issued.”

Ms Heasman said: “I was disappointed with his response - he has took the evidence on face value. For him to say I should just pay it, why should I when I have done nothing wrong. His wages must definitely be too high if that sort of suggestion comes easy to him - he doesn’t believe one of his constituents over the company.”

Mr Heasman claims the fine, issued by Euro Car Parks for overstaying on Hylton Road retail park “by 19 minutes and 31 seconds” on April 20, is incorrect.

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The St John’s resident remains adamant if the cameras are checked it would support her case and has vowed to fight on either in court or by travelling to Euro Car Parks headquarters. She says she believes the fine has now been passed to debt collectors.

Mr Walker told the Worcester News: “I’m always happy to take up these cases, when constituents contact me. I wrote to Euros Car Park, but unfortunately they have provided the evidence to show she overstayed the second time, and told me cameras are working. If the constituent has any further evidence I’m happy to take the case further.”

The Worcester News contacted Euro Car Parks but has not received a response.