A SIX-year-old girl was left petrified of leaving the house after being hit by an egg in a drive-by attack.

Jade Turner said someone in a black car flung the egg at her daughter while they were walking down Foregate Street to Tesco on Sunday evening, before speeding off.

The St Clement’s Primary School pupil did not initially want to go outside the next day and her mum had to eventually pay for a taxi so they didn’t have to walk to school.

Ms Turner, 26, said walking home on Monday afternoon she had to distract her daughter with headphones but when another black car drove past she started to panic.

“She was nervous and I had to tell her it wasn’t the same car and it wasn’t going to happen again,” said the single mum who recently moved back to Worcester from Birmingham.

“She is still wary of going out and she talks about it. She didn’t want to go to school at all, she didn’t want to go outside, but she’s okay now.”

Ms Turner, who lives with her daughter and mum near Pitchcroft, said she believes the attack was random as she doesn’t know many people in the city, having originally moved away aged 10.

But said such attacks can be very damaging on children as they have “wild imaginations”.

Referring to the incident, she said: “I think [the egg] hit the wall first and bounced off into her face and hair and down her coat and legs. It went everywhere.

“She said it hurt her face when it hit her.”

On looking back down the street, all they could see was a black car speeding off.

Ms Turner said she was also hit by an egg in a similar seemingly random attack in Birmingham five years ago and said they hurt much more than it may appear.

They immediately walked down to the police station in Castle Street to report the attack, which is estimated to have happened at 7.45pm.

Police have apparently reviewed CCTV and told Ms Turner due to the height of cameras and issues with lighting, they can’t make out the registration number, she said.

Last month mayor Allah Ditta condemned those responsible for another egg attack on a mum and baby from a car at the Tallow Hill retail park.

Sergeant Paul Smith said it was “nasty and unprovoked” but we understand no arrests or charges have been made as yet.

Initial enquiries suggested that it was a racially aggravated assault, however a second victim has since come forward and officers are no longer treating the incident as racially motivated.

The second victim was also walking with his child in a pushchair when he was hit with an egg on Midland Road, close to the junction with Wylds Lane, a short time before the mother and baby were assaulted.                                         

Referring to Sunday, Sergeant Pete Frankish said police are not linking this to any "similar incidents" but will "investigate the possibility".

He added, the force "won't tolerate senseless behaviour".

Police are appealing for witnesses, particularly those with dashcam footage.

Call 101 and quote 620s of October 6 if you have any information.