AH- hah-hah-hah-hah....you know it’s true that a Spandau Ballet tribute act is coming to The Swan in Worcester, this Friday (October 11)

Having performed in hundreds of venues over the years, True Gold are the ‘official’ Spandau Ballet tribute band, having received praise from none other than Spandau’s very own Gary Kemp, Steve Norman and Tony Hadley.

Which is very high praise indeed, all considered.

A spokesman said: “True Gold began life way back in 2005, when founding member Lee James put an advert out for musicians, which would form into a Spandau Ballet tribute band known as Highly Strung. The band split in 2010, only to reform after many requests to do so, under the new name of True Gold - The Spandau Ballet Experience.

“True Gold have performed twice with legendary Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley, the second time coming in 2014 when frontman Lee and Tony sang together on BBC’s The One Show. After hearing True Gold performing, Gary Kemp once said: ‘Double take! Is that Tony up there?!’ High praise indeed!”

The band recreates the timeless classics such as To Cut A Long Story Short, Through The Barricades, Only When You Leave, Lifeline, I’ll Fly For You, Communication and, of course, True and Gold “with precise musicianship and an accuracy that will leave you stunned and delighted”.

The spokesman added: “You don’t want to miss this amazing show!”

And you won’t miss it if you get yourself along to The Swan Theatre on October 11, at 7.30pm for a musical walk down Memory Lane, straight back to the Eighties.

Box Office: 01905 611427