READERS have reacted mainly positively to the news that home and garden store The Range is coming to Worcester.

The business is set to open up in the old Homebase unit, off Hylton Road, in December, creating up to 80 jobs.

The store will include a family cafe, a large outdoor garden centre, and a branch of Iceland Foods coming in the new year.

Vander Browning said: “Kiddy’s is normally really good hopefully staff from the old Homebase will be in the new Range to look after the plants?”

Vonnie Carter said: “Brilliant news save me traipsing out to Kiddy Range and Iceland as well I’m very happy. Getting to Iceland in the Crowngate is a pain, can’t wait !!!!”

Hayley Lewis said: “Brilliant! An Iceland as well!”

Debbie Lerigo said: “Can’t the Range...will save us from traipsing out to Kiddy or Evesham. .and an Iceland too...Brill”

Margaret Stefanovic said: “Lovely the Range.”

Richard Hughes said: “Happy to see a Range come to Worcester. Love the place.”

Karen Hopkins said: “Fantastic news.”

Chalky Martin said: “Best thing about this 80 new jobs created, great news.”

Sharon Joy, said: “Love the range, it’s not tat ! Unless you are loaded and only like Next and M and S homeware.”

Teme Player said: “Homebase by any other name. It will probably be more expensive but I hope the staff are better trained - they could never find what I wanted and I walked out more often than I purchased!”

Teme Player said: “I welcome the competition. The fact they didn’t stock what you wanted should not detract from the creation of 80 jobs and a new business in Worcester.

“I have always been pleased with purchases from the Range. It is not cheap tat, but brand names. Some people are full of negativity.”

Bogit and Scarper said: “The Range stocks a huge range of products that Homebase don’t .”

Al Faromeo said: “It’s 80 jobs and what would be an empty building being put to good use. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m failing to see how that’s a bad thing, no matter how you spin it?”