A BLIND nine-year-old with disabilities has surprised people with her beautiful singing voice.

Imogen Wilson who is supported at Acorns Children’s Hospice in Worcester has a rare condition which means she needs a lot of care, but she has developed a remarkable singing voice.

Imogen’s mum, Wendy Wilson, said: “The main thing I can remember is when she was in hospital, she had a bone marrow transplant when she was 16 months and another when she was three.

"When she was three we found she had quite an aptitude for tunes. One of the nurses on the night shift at Bristol Children’s Hospital was walking down the corridor and heard Imogen singing.”


Mrs Wilson said: “She will sing wherever she is but it is always to her choice. We could have something playing but she will sing what she wants.”

Imogen’s parents have given her a tablet with music streaming app, Spotify, so she can listen to music.

She has also had music therapy with Acorns Hospice, and she likes to sing with her older sister Caitlin.

Mrs Wilson said: “She has such a memory for tunes. She cannot talk but she can remember words.”

Imogen who lives near Cirencester has a genetic condition called Osteopetrosis which has caused a range of learning disabilities and she is currently not walking.

"She cannot converse but she can give simple instructions and can use words like ‘no’ when she doesn’t want to do something.

Imogen been going to Acorns for six years.

Mrs Wilson who had to give up working to be a full time carer for Imogen said: “They give us a chance to spend some time with our other daughter which is nice.

"It does give us a break when she goes to stay for two or three nights. She has a whale of a time. She has hydrotherapy which she loves, she gets stimulated.

"They have an amazing garden, she loves being outside. They have just been invaluable.”