WORCESTER’S MP says the new Brexit deal can get through parliament but has conceded “it is going to be close.”

Robin Walker said the choice was now between Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new withdrawal deal, or no deal.

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The new deal was announced yesterday just hours before a summit of EU leaders, but major doubts quickly emerged that it can pass through parliament as DUP MPs, as well as opposition MPs, say they will not vote for it. And in a further development the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker also appeared to rule out the EU granting an extension to the Brexit deadline of October 31.

The city MP said he hoped the deal will be voted through in the rare emergency Commons sitting on Saturday.

“I’m happy to support any deal that delivers Brexit and protects the economy, and this deal ticks both of those,” Mr Walker said.

“I’m delighted we have reached an agreement. Clearly we are going to have to keep working (to get it passed). The backstop is gone, the arrangement is it would be subject to agreement in Northern Ireland’s assembly - this is a significant difference from the original deal.”

Asked if he felt the numbers were there for the deal to pass in the crucial parliamentary vote, the MP said it was “all to play for.”

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“Already we are hearing Labour MPs, and a number of MPs who voted against the deal before, say they could vote for it,” the MP said.

“This is not a time to play party politics. I think if we can get this deal through the country at large and businesses will breath a huge sign of relief.”

If a vote for a deal or for no deal, is not passed before 11pm on Saturday, the Benn Act would then kick in that states the PM must seek a three-month extension. On that scenario Mr Walker said: “We cannot carry on with a situation parliament gives itself another option, and we keep extending. We are seeing an extension is only something we can ask for. I have always said the way to avoid no deal is vote for a deal.”