LABOUR'S parliamentary candidate for Worcester says she would encourage any of her party's MP considering voting for the Brexit deal tomorrow "to think again".

Yesterday the leaders of 27 European Union countries formally endorsed a new withdrawal agreement with the UK, which is going before Parliament tomorrow.

But ahead of the rare parliamentary sitting, dubbed 'Super Saturday', the Prime Minister has been trying to win support for the deal as the DUP and every opposition party have indicated they will vote against.

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Political commentators have forecast a close result and the PM is likely to look towards Labour rebels, ex-Tories and Brexiteers votes to get it passed.

Lynn Denham said she was concerned about what was in the deal.

"The devil is in the detail, there are uncomfortable things in the deal," Mrs Denham said.

"Labour's priority is to protect the economy, protect people's jobs, workers' rights and living standards, and the deal is damaging to those.

"I absolutely understand people are fed up with Brexit.

"I understand why people think a deal is better than no deal - but a bad deal is not the right answer."

Asked on the potential of Labour MPs rebelling and supporting the deal in the crucial vote, Mrs Denham said: "They have got to think again, and look again what is in the deal.

"It is a rush to deregulation.

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"I don't think people want to see the NHS sold off to Donald Trump, we don't want chlorinated chicken, we don't want lower food standards - those are some of the problems with the deal. "It is not going to help Worcester residents, we can do better."

Meanwhile Stephen Kearney, Worcester's Liberal Democrat candidate tweeted: "This deal with make people in this country worse off.

"Do we really want to build the future of our country on a pack lies and misinformation.

"Just awful."