CITY MP Robin Walker has said events in parliament today were "incredibly frustrating" and expects Prime Minister Boris Johnson will now have to send a letter to the European Union, asking for a Brexit extension.

This afternoon MPs backed a motion designed to rule out a no deal exit by 322 votes to 306. That amendment, from former Cabinet minister Sir Oliver Letwin, withheld approval of the PM's Brexit deal until legislation to implement it is in place.

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The motion proved a major stumbling block for the government as the meaningful vote on the deal was pulled and by law the PM will now have to ask the EU for an extension beyond October 31.

Mr Walker said: "The long and short of it is the passage of the Letwin amendment means no decision was reached, and that was incredibly frustrating.

"It was unnecessary.

"We had a real opportunity to move things forward. All we did was waste a lot of time.

"I think we would have won the meaningful vote had it not been for the amendment - some Labour MPs were indicating they would vote for it.

"But it is not the end of the world. There is a vote to be won there, when it goes back to the Commons."

Asked what the PM will now do, Mr Walker said he is expecting him to follow the law under the Benn Act.

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But, the MP said: "There is nothing to stop him sending the letter, but also to send another saying extension is not the right solution.

"He can say extension is not the best answer.

"And the European Union would also have to grant the extension (for one to happen).

"I have always said the way to resolve all this is by voting for a deal."