SIR –With reference to the comments made regarding the proposed football stadium and Perdiswell by Mr Widowson.

He refers to people most likely to be effected by the building of the stadia as the “people who live around the corner” and “those who live over the road”.

These are people with families that will no doubt suffer from even more congestion, pollution and nuisance, let alone a potential reduction in the values of their homes.

Furthermore he refers to only those people using Perdiswell, this comment falls way short of the mark, people from all areas of the city visit this place to enjoy the tranquillity and open spaces currently available.

Most people I feel would agree to the club returning to Worcester, but not on Perdiswell, this must remain as is, for all to enjoy not just the few.

Like many others, I trust both the Conservative and Green parties maintain their stance and refuse the building of this stadium as failure to do so will most definitely impact on their potential to gain votes in any election.