READERS have been having their say after a concerned councillor began her fight to have a weekend bus service reinstated, because of fears it will leave elderly residents isolated.

The 37 bus, which runs between Worcester and Northwick via Ombersley Road, now does not run at all on a weekend after First Bus ended its Saturday service.

Councillor Mel Allcott, who represents Claines ward on Worcester City Council, said she was concerned the ending of the weekend service would leave a lot of vulnerable elderly residents and families isolated.

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On social media Brenda Eccleston said it should be reinstated: "So they should, what makes them think they can not do without them.

"That's what we have buses for to help people."

Sarah Weston said: "The problem with cutting services is you are forcing people to find other alternatives and once they do that it is hard to get their trust back and entice people back onto the buses.

"I use buses and own a car but I am forced to use my car more often now because buses aren’t available either at the times I need or to the locations so what choice do I have?"

Sarah Smith said: "I use buses a lot and have been really worried and anxious over the cuts and uncertainty of the changes. The future isn't looking great in general for public transport."

Teresa Dawn said: "How we are consistently bleated at, for taking cars off the road - this is the perfect example of why people do drive because you can't rely on public transport."

Isobel Kathryn said: "The simple reality is that the council do not operate bus services. Obviously as a private business First have a duty to ensure that routes are economically viable, in this case it obviously is not and hence they have stopped weekend buses."

But Ray Briana said: "First Worcester is the worst service we have ever had, wish another company would take over."