WORCESTER’S MP has praised the “courageous” Labour MPs who supported the government’s Brexit deal, but criticised Labour’s city candidate for “wanting more time.”

Robin Walker said he welcomed the Commons vote to support the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in principal - the first time a departure deal had gained support - but said he was frustrated MPs did not vote for a programme motion.

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That motion, rejected by a vote of 322 to 308, would have seen Prime Minister Boris Johnson try to get his deal through the Commons in three days, as he attempts to stick to the October 31 deadline.

Mr Walker said: “People want to see this get done, and with a deal. We should praise the Labour MPs who crossed the floor to vote with the government. That shows we can do this, and do it with a good deal.

“We can see the end in sight now.”

Lynn Denham, Labour’s parliamentary candidate, had previously told the Worcester News MPs shouldn’t be rushed and should have adequate time to scrutinise the bill.

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Mr Walker said: “I saw what Lynn said calling for more time, and I know she is out of touch."

After rejecting the motion, the PM said he would “pause” the bill and ask the EU how it wanted to proceed. Their decision could be significant as the PM was forced to send a letter asking for an extension until January 31 2020 on Saturday.

“We now wait for the EU’s response,” Mr Walker said.

“I support the government’s call to stick to the October 31 deadline. I hope the government will be able to come forward with a new programme. If there is one (an extension) it would not be the end of the world for a short extension, as it is more important to deliver the result of the referendum than the date.

“If there is a long extension, we would go for a general election. In any case we are heading for an election. We have had a situation where the opposition kept chickening out of voting for one.”

Lib Dem PPC for Worcester, Stephen Kearney, said: "The Conservatives have dealt us the worst kind of Government in decades.

"They allow unelected "sources" in Downing Street to issue divisive dictates.

"They've attempted to rush through vitally important legislation about our future in less time than its takes to choose a sofa for the living room.

"They have set the people against Parliament and continued to divide our nation.

"Boris Johnson has lied and cheated his way through the last few months so for these reasons the current Parliament must sit until the Brexit issue is sorted out after the extension.

"Parliament has now voted for Brexit. Parliament should finish its job.

"I call for a People’s Confirmatory Vote on the final deal."