A BACKPACKER from Worcester has raised the alarm over a woman missing in Cambodia since Wednesday night.

Ryan Harris, 18, is part of a group travelling the Asian country with Amelia Bambridge, who is from Worthing, Sussex, and has gone missing in Koh Rong.

Ryan moved on to another island with plans to link back up with Miss Bambridge but her passport is still at the hostel she stayed at, and he says he's been told that her phone, purse and money were found unattended on a nearby beach.

Cambodian police have been informed but Ryan said they had indicated nothing would be done until Miss Bambridge had been missing for 72 hours.

“She was one of the first people I met over here about a week ago,” said Ryan.

“I met her in Phnom Penh and we got the boat to Koh Rong, we all spent a few days together and met up with a few other people in a big group.

“We went on to a neighbouring island but she stayed there with another girl I know who had travelled with us on the boat over.

“I then had to travel back to Koh Rong after leaving my passport at the hostel and when I got there two people told me she had gone missing.

“I assumed she would turn up but I have since travelled another 12 hours on a bus to Siem Reap and she still has not been found. She is supposed to be in Siem Reap by now.

“From my experience I would say it is out of character for her not to come back after a few hours and it is a small island.

“Even if you go your separate ways after a few drinks you see people again 10 or 20 minutes later. She should have come back by now.”

Ryan explained that the hostel held passports to ensure customers paid the bill but that Miss Bambridge had not gone back for hers.

“She hasn’t gone back for that or checked out which raises a red flag,” he added.

“I don’t know who has her belongings but have been told her purse, money and phone have been found."

Ryan added: “It is nearly 48 hours now, that’s a long time not to be seen on such a small island.”

Ryan said he understood that the family of Miss Bambridge, 21, had been in contact with Cambodian police since her disappearance.

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