A BROOK has burst its banks in the heavy rain causing a road to flood.

Martley Road is partially flooded just below Tesco Express, though many vehicles are managing to pass through okay.

Traffic is slowed down but moving on the approach as vehicles steadily drive through the water.

An eye witness said: "As I approached the dip in the road, I saw a car ahead of me had its hazard lights on and then it started to do a U-turn.

"I contemplated attempting to pass but the water looks quite deep and my car is small. As I turned round I flashed my lights at another car approaching and they did the same.

"Quite a few cars are managing to drive through, though some are very tentative and seem to be being pressured a little because the queues are building up."

He went on to say: "If you don't feel confident going through, particularly with a smaller car, I wouldn't risk it."

The heavy rain has caused flooding across the city with the left lane of Bridge Street flooded, while Hylton Road between Sabrina Bridge and McDonald's has a considerable amount of surface water.

One witness this morning described A44 Bromyard as "now a river", adding: "Lots of water if you're driving that way".

A weather warning was put in place by the Met Office yesterday afternoon, with some flooding expected.

The yellow warning, in place between 3pm yesterday and 3pm today, is spread across much of England and Wales.

The Met Office said there was a small chance of fast flowing or deep floodwater causing danger to life, as well as a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded.

It also warned that there could be delays or cancellations to train and bus services, as a result.

On September 24 torrential rain caused chaos across the city with flash floods engulfing roads as drainage struggled to cope and a wall fell down in Hylton Road.