A BACKPACKER from Worcester who raised the alarm after one of his travel companions went missing in Cambodia has flown back to where she was last seen to help with the search effort.

Ryan Harris, 18, was part of a group travelling the Asian country, which included Amelia Bambridge who went missing from Koh Rong last week.

Writing on Facebook on Saturday from Siem Reap International Airport, the former Tudor Grange Academy and Heart of Worcestershire College student said: "Going back to Koh Rong island to help assist the search for Amelia.

"Wifi and signal is very limited there so anyone who has been messaging me privately for updates will have to bear with me for a while."

Prior to Amelia, 21, going missing, Ryan had moved on to a neighbouring island with the pair making plans to link back up at a later date.

However, Ryan was forced to travel back to Koh Rong on Wednesday after leaving his passport at the hostel they'd stayed in.

At which point he learned from hostel staff that Amelia's passport was still there and her phone, purse and money had been found in her backpack which was on rocks near a beach.

Ryan said Cambodian police had indicated at the time nothing would be done until Amelia, from Worthing, Sussex, had been missing for 72 hours.

He told the BBC on Saturday: "We met in Phnom Penh on my first night, she was one of the first people we met there.

"It was definitely out of character for her to not show up. She always sticks with the group, she never wanders off on her own. It's definitely out of character for her.

"Everyone just wants to see her, they are all searching right now. People are diving, people are checking the jungle, the beaches."

On Sunday morning, Ryan's dad Stephen Harris, who had initially travelled to Cambodia with his son before they parted ways, took to Facebook to say "there's no update on [Amelia's] whereabouts".

"Thanks for everyone asking how Ryan is out in Cambodia , so many messages and well wishes," he said.

"It’s been really surreal and you really do find out who your true friends are. Many people asking if they can help, it’s been much appreciated.

"At the moment there’s no update on her whereabouts."

He went on to say: "He’s only known Amelia, like myself, for 10 days. He’s just bonded with her from day one and got on so well that [they] decided to travel together on their tour of Cambodia.

"He’s naturally distraught as time goes on with her still missing, it’s every parents worse nightmare this.

"He’s been inundated with all the national press for interviews and has returned to the island to help for the search this morning."

He added: "He’s handling it so well. I’m so proud of the young man he has become.

"Praying for Amelia’s family for her safe return."

It has been reported elsewhere that Amelia, who is taking a gap year, disappeared after walking through dense forest in Koh Rong on her way back to her hostel following a beach party.

Her rucksack was found on rocks close to the shore after she disappeared, and her belongings were still in the bag.

She was last seen at a beach party on 'Police Beach' on the island at 3am on Wednesday, a 40-minute walk to her hostel.  

Police, scuba divers, government officials and volunteers today joined the search, which has included using a drone to scour the dense jungle and coastline.

Amelia's mum Linda Schultes is due to arrive today to also join the search party.