A COUPLE claim they found a human tooth in their Chinese takeaway.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services inspectors are now investigating the incident and will be visiting Newtown Cantonese Takeaway imminently, a city council spokesman said.

Stephanie McDonough and David Burrows were happily tucking into their curries on Friday evening at a flat in Warndon before allegedly finding what appears to be a large molar tooth.

Their Facebook post warning people against using the takeaway went viral over the weekend but mum-of-one Ms McDonough said the restaurant manager had refused to accept it was a tooth in the meal.

Mr Burrows, 38, was a few mouthfuls into his pork curry before suddenly spitting something out onto his plate, his partner said.

“We thought it was a bone at first, but it’s definitely a tooth,” said Ms McDonough, 29. “We both checked it wasn’t any of ours.

“I phoned the restaurant later that night and [the manager] really tried to convince me it was gristle in the pork. She was having none of it. She was trying to come up with all different things that it could have been. It was a tooth.”

“It’s more a concern of how it got there,” she continued. “Was it spat in there or fell? I’m 90 per cent sure it’s a human tooth. It could have come from their food suppliers or wherever.”

The couple were apparently reimbursed the £6.30 cost of the affected curry but not the rest of the £17.70 bill.

Ms McDonough said the biggest issue for her is the contamination risk, as the tooth did not appear to be fresh, and she believes any blood or bacteria could have been marinated into other people’s meals.

They reported it to the Food Standards Agency’s National Food Crime Unit and plan to flag it up with the Environmental Health.

The tooth is currently wrapped in cling-film and plastic bags in Ms McDonough’s freezer.

A woman who claimed to be the takeaway manager did not wish to comment until after inspectors have visited the premises.