AFTER a night out, many people like to grab a take away before heading home.

We asked Worcester News readers to share their favourite places to eat.

Many readers praised Sophies Shawarma Pizza and Grill in the city.

Jodee Warner said: "Sophies is just the best.

"The meat is so tender and juicy and the salad is lush.

"Great staff, very friendly and the place looks very clean."

Amy Louise Rashed said: "It has to be Sophies - amazing food with good taste.

"Once you taste it, you are guaranteed to go back again and again."

Jenene Tustin said: "Sophies hands down."

Robert Stepniewski said: "Sophies is so clean and fresh."

Callum Stoneham said"The £5 meal deal makes you feel guilty ordering it. The value & relative quality are just so good at Sophies.

Steve Marshall said: "Worcester Kebab is about as good quality as a kebab could be."

Sarah James said: "The best when drunk at stupid o’clock in the morning, is Worcester Kebab.

"The chilli sauce there is liquid gold to me."

Mark Thomas said: "Worcester Kebab.

You don’t trade for that long if you aren’t doing something right. It's been there over 25 years I think.!

Jez Whitehead said: "Worcester Kebab House - proper meat and proper chilli sauce."

Michael Lloyd said: "Get a proper kebab at Anatolian Palace Turkish Mediterranean Grill Restaurant in the Crowngate Shopping Centre."

Charlotte Roberts said: "Donnelly's Fish and Chips on Bromwich Road is always a go."

Tom Phillips said: "It all tastes the same when your utterly gazeboed."

Karen Maund said: "Ambleside - bring it back."