WORCESTER will not proceed with a cull after it was told it would be illegal.

Worcester City Council's environment committee met to discuss the item on Tuesday night.

Chairman Joy Squires said a cull was a non-starter, after receiving legal advice.

After the meeting Cllr Squires told the Worcester News: "The legal advice from the expert barrister was that there was no point even trying (to pursue it).

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"There will be no cull anywhere in the country, not just in Worcester. Some of the gulls are actually protected specials, and some are endangered.

"To be able to even doing anything you have to have a special licence, but to get a licence for a general cull is impossible."

But Cllr Squires explained the authority could act to kill individual nuisance gulls, but only after all non lethal options "have been exhausted".

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The council will instead explore these investing £30,000.

The official decision at the committee was: "Having considered the legal advice, the committee instructs officers not to pursue a case for general cull, the committee instructs officers to gather the evidence on the impact on public health & safety including mental health."

Natural England had said some gulls could be culled if they proved to be a health and safety risk.

Councillor Alan Amos, who strongly supports a cull, had called for council bosses to start drawing up a legal case to start culling gulls in Worcester by next year due to “growing anger and frustration” by residents and businesses.

For reaction see the Worcester News tomorrow.