A FATHER dragged a drunk young woman into his house and stopped her leaving before sexually assaulting her on his bed.

Alexander Udell was unanimously convicted by a jury of false imprisonment and sexual assault following a four day trial which finished at Worcester Crown Court on Friday.

The 37-year-old, previously of Leicester Grove, Evesham, met the victim in the town on March 22 this year.

The woman, who cannot be identified, had drunk 10 gins, sustained injuries to her knee and chin as a result of being 'mugged' and had also had a row with her boyfriend, the court heard.

Summing up the case, Judge Nicolas Cartwight said: "The prosecution say that she had been dragged to a man's house, that he would not let her leave and tried to kiss her when she didn't want him to."

Udell arrived, asked her if she was okay and sat on the wall with her, offering her money for a taxi home, However, he later said: "I'm going to look after you."

The victim said she 'froze' which was why did not resist much as Udell took her to his house.

However, on the way she said she mouthed 'help me' to some men in the street.

"I didn't want to go anywhere with him" she said.

Both defence and prosecution had agreed that the kissing took place in the defendant's bedroom but the defendant claimed it was consensual, a finding rejected by the jury by their verdicts.

Once inside the house she said Udell locked the door and later tried to pull her onto the bed and kiss her all over. "I kept saying no" she said.

The woman asked if she could be let out and if she could go home, requesting a key.

Eventually the landlord of the house, who also lived at the address, opened the door and let her out. The landlord had said: "She seemed desperate to get out."

When the woman met her boyfriend's parents outside the address she said to them: "Please help me, I've been dragged into a man's house. He would not let go and he tried to kiss me."

Udell, now of Sandstell Road, Spittal, Berwick, gave evidence, said in his evidence: "I did not drag or force her to my house. I didn't keep her in the house when she didn't want to be there."

The judge ordered a pre-sentence report to be prepared, remanding Udell in custody until November 8.

He said: "His behaviour is particularly troubling as shown on the CCTV."