A COUNCILLOR has condemned an independent investigation commissioned by a council to investigate their working practices.

Wychavon District Council cllr Charles Tucker was critical of the way Pershore Town Council handled the proposed community hall development in the town.

In response the council commissioned an independent investigation.

A council spokesman said: “The remit was to audit its decision-making processes relating to the proposed community hall.

“Pershore Town Council is pleased to say that it has been found in order and fully compliant in all aspects of the matter, specifically the management of the Cemetery Lodge until its sale in 2017, its consideration of the Family History Centre and its approach to the new community building.

“As a Quality Gold Standard council, members are assured by these findings and hope that Pershore Town Council can now move forward in a united manner.”

However, Cllr Tucker said the investigation was more about the “hurt pride” of councillors than anything else.

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He said: “It was clear from the start that it was designed to reach one conclusion and one only, i.e. that the council had followed all procedures correctly.

“The investigating officer made it clear that he would only consider information in reports to the council or in minute.”

In response to cllr Tucker’s comments, a spokesman for Pershore Town Council said: “We are disappointed that cllr Tucker will not accept the findings of this independent report.”