READERS have been having their say after vandals smashed windows, broke fence panels and threw flower pots across the playground of a city primary school.

Police are investigating the criminal damage that has angered staff and pupils, as well as neighbours living close to Cherry Orchard Primary School.

The Timberdine Close-based school was vandalised overnight into the early hours of Tuesday morning, and staff at the school have been in during half term to clear it up.

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On social media, Margaret Morris said: "Wanton destruction why. I can’t begin to understand what joy there is to be had in destroying other people’s property.

"Maybe if the culprits are found they should have their most precious possession destroyed in front of them, but then I suppose that makes me no better than them."

Claire Molton said: "Those responsible will come up with the usual excuse that there was nothing else for them to do. Plus, they knew exactly what they were doing and they also get a thrill from it while also feeling good about themselves.

"I have no doubt they won't show any remorse or even care about the consequences this vandalism has had on the school, staff and pupils."

Penny Jane said: "This will cost money the school can ill afford and it is the children who will go without while they raise the funds to replace the playground equipment. Mindless destruction."

Paul Kear said: "I think schools around Worcestershire should have security, as kids these days don't have respect for anything."

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Jill Wilde said: "What sad times we live in. Cameras in a place where can not be destroyed, on all schools, and lights on at night, outside of the buildings."

Janet Wiggins added: "The police should go to their house in daylight so neighbours can see it, then take them down the station with parents - hopefully parents will be embarrassed."